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Foursquare Why I Deleted My Account

June 1, 2017

Foursquare Why I Deleted My Account


Oh Foursquare, a stalkers paradise extremely. however seriously, Foursquare could be a service wherever you'll be able to sign on to places. Facebook, Google +, and lots of different sites supply this feature. Foursquare simply appeared wherever all the cool children were. That was on of the explanations I joined.

Life went on, i'd check up on just about anywhere I visited. Starbucks, target, grocery stores. One place that i'd ne'er I mean ne'er check up on was my house! It simply appeared insane, why would you ever let somebody on-line allow you to understand wherever you presently live?

After for a while of victimisation Foursquare and reading a piece on Lockergnome. Foursquare felt sort of a creepy service. I mean extremely, why would i need folks to understand precisely wherever i used to be at any given purpose in time? it had been simply quite chilling. Not solely that however its not solely that folks understand wherever area unit, however wherever you're not!

Using Foursquare everyday of my life (almost). Over and over I unbroken having these thoughts. Is it necessary to own all my Twitter followers and Facebook friends understand precisely wherever i'm all the time? Do I enjoy victimisation Foursquare? or is it simply a waste of time?

Ultimately the solution was no (and affirmative, to all or any of them). Foursquare failed to profit Pine Tree State, folks didnt got to understand wherever i used to be ALL the time, and just about was a waste of your time.


What Did I Gain from victimisation Foursquares service?

Absolutely nothing affirmative after all, some corporations would provide you with one thing for checking in at their location. simply a bit whereas past, I checked into a CVS and got entered to win a $100 gift-card. Honestly, why the hell would i need to pay a hundred at CVS? however still its the thought that counts, I guess.

There were additionally badges, achievements, and you'll become the politician of an area (whatever the euphemism that gets you). Those wherever things i actually didnt care concerning. Really, World Health Organization goes to worry that i'm the politician of a Starbucks? will it get Pine Tree State a free coffee? Nope


Was it Necessary For folks to understand wherever i used to be, ALL THE TIME?

I had my Foursquare account connected to my Facebook and Twitter. i'd continually have confidence disconnecting Foursquare check-ins from Twitter. Why? as a result of folks on Facebook, wherever folks I knew on a a lot of personal level.


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